Thursday, August 5, 2010

1/2 Year. It's a biiiig deal.

Well folks, it's been six months since Grahm and I had our awkwardly wonderful conversation at In the Raw [my favorite restaurant in the entire world. Philly roll, anyone?] It was in those black, high-top chairs we discussed what it would be like to start dating, since for us that meant being in a long, long [emphasis on the long] distance relationship.

Side Note: I always thinks it's funny when couples "discuss" their relationship. DTRs are necessary, don't get me wrong. They're just funny and sometimes tricky, especially if you and your potential significant other come to the table with two very different ideas [Bummer man.]
My dad actually never really asked my mom to marry him, they just talked about it over lunch. No big deal. "Hey babe, do you want to go see Revenge of the Nerds again? Oh, and when you have a minute, what do you think about the two of us getting hitched? Good idea, eh?"
[I'm sure my dad was tinsy bit more serious, well, maybe]
Well, the In the Raw conversation took an instant serious turn.
Grahm poked at his sushi roll with his chopsticks as I wharfed down the remaining edamame. It was then that Grahm began telling me that he [and I quote]
"could really date anyone in Florida that he wanted."

I laughed, guffawed in his nervous face. [What a fun word]
But really, I was thinking: "Oh boy, he's one of those. This is sooo not good."

He quickly retracted his statement [to my relief] after realizing what he'd said, going on to say that he wasn't interested in any of the sweet girls in the sunshine state. He continued with our DTR, saying that he was all in and wanted to see where this "thing" could go. I agreed, but hesitantly. Long distance was not exactly on my 100 things to do before I die.

But here we are, six months later. And life is wonderful. I mean, really and truly. I am such a lucky girl to have such an incredible guy in my life. He puts up with my crazy crazy need for constant attention, cheerfully eats my burnt food, and he even lets me get away with calling him ridiculous things like Butternut Squash, Booger Buns, or Pumpkin Butt.

He has officially moved to Norman, and will be here for my last year at OU.
God provided a job working at OMRF which he loves, and a house to live in with a couple
of great RUF guys. So Grahm's ridiculously close, and that's exciting.
Now, I realize six months is not exactly the Mt. Everest of relationship timelines. However, I
do think our little blimp deserves some sort of recognition, ergo this happy post.

Let me just say that the saying is true.
Time really does fly when you're having fun.


  1. I love the winter and summer looking pic, it represents the course of that six months very well! :) And of course the six month mark is a big step in a relationship. It makes you sound like such a legit couple! Lol.

    (P.s. When my husband asked me out for the first time I thought he was "one of those guys" too. Oh how wrong he proved me to be!)

  2. ahhh you guys are too cute together!
    Congrats on your six month mark =)

  3. well, i want to be proposed. lol :) even though we have talked about it. lol

    anyway... UGH LDR ... i know... i never imagined ill be experiencing this. probably because it was to easy when we first met each other.

    first post :)

  4. That was a very cute post and it's nice to just hear that there are people out there enjoying their love life. I think that it's cute you both hit the 6 mo. mark and I'm new to your site and I can see how happy you are (: take care and congratulations!

  5. I think 6 months is HUGE in a long distance relationship! I've been with my boyfriend for almost a year and a half, long distance.. if it's worth it, it's not really that hard to make it work out. I'm glad you guys are getting closer though!!

  6. Awww!! Congrats! You guys are adorable. My husband and I did the LDR for about 9 months, each of us literally flying every weekend to see each other. You can do it and it'll work if you want it to work. Eventually, though, someone has to move to be with the other person. He moved for me ;)

  7. romantic relationships are so foreign to me lol
    so im always curious and envious all at once.
    keep it up - sounds pretty legit what you 2 got =D