Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Running and Ice. Do not Mix.

Early morning dawns. Her worn blue tennis shoes hit the rocky
pavement. It’s the same, simple road she runs every morning, yet each
day the meanderings of the path calm and refresh her. Left. Right. Left.
Breathing deeply, she forces her legs to keep moving. “Push. Push.
Push,” she softly murmurs to herself. “Just a few more miles.”

Uncomplicated, undemanding, this simple path requires nothing of her.
Her jumbled thoughts, overwhelming to-do lists, and stressful demands
of the day all seem to fade into the background. Everything becomes
still, quiet even. It’s simply her and the pavement. She can’t help
but feel free.
I love running. It's true.
I love the rush of feeling my heart beating quickly, sweat pouring down
my face, and the achy feeling in my legs as I finally round the corner
of Jenkins on the final stretch. Forcing my legs and knobby knees
to cooperate with me is such a challenge, and one I am sure I will
never grow weary of.

There's something about listening to a good country song and
letting the wind carry you where it will.

This week, however, ice decided to grace us with its unloveable
presence. Throwing a severe problem into my already-so-behind
running schedule, I couldn't help but be supremely frustrated being
stuck in my apartment for four days.

Even today, finally venturing out into the world, I was unable to
run my usual route. Let me just say, running is all about the
route you take. As a good friend of mine once said, "Running is
about the journey, not the destination."

With treadmills, this journey is completely thwarted.
Let's just say these horrid machines suck the joy out of strapping on
my favorite pair of blue sneakers.
It's... just... awful.

Instead of being surrounded by beauty and life, you're stuck in a gym
next to a double-zero Pi Phi, who seems to be in an unnannounced
competition with you. Her thick, blonde locks bounced perfectly in sink
with her strides, whereas my short strands struggled to stay in place.
Her thumb presses the "Increase" button with resounding confidence
as I continue praying I don't collapse mid stride.
That'd be embarrassing.

I miss running.
By myself.
Without the monotonous treadmill setting the pace for me.
Going from street to street.

Ice melt away soon, please.


  1. sync.

    love you.

    sorry about the ice..

    that pi phi always is there.

  2. I hear you! "That girl" next to you on the treadmill is the reason why I never go to the gym unless I just have to!