Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Cars and Copy Editing

The past few days I have been doing two things: copy editing
and car shopping.

Currently, I have been working some post-production corrections
for an interesting novel, Betwixt.
This isn't a book I would necessarily gravitate toward in one of
my waste-my-life-away-in-a-bookstore days. However, it has
adequately managed to keep my attention. Poor Ms. Watson. I'm a
bit too harsh, I suppose. Although her writing technique is flawless,
or quite nearly so, she struggles with keeping her readers'
(or at least, this reader's) curiosity. And what's a book, after all,
without intriguing characters and engaging action? Who really
cares if your sentence structure is exquisite and your adjectives are
perfectly descriptive, if you aren't really saying anything?

I'm nearly done with it.
It's strangely exciting to me.
I'm probably making myself sound entirely more important than
I should. [Need I remind you, I am at the bottom of the publishing
food chain.] In spite of this, I eagerly look forward to sitting in my
quaint "office" space with its teal colored walls every morning. I get
to hear the lovely Kacie Kinney's voice on the phone throughout the
day as she is housed in the same area. Tate just continues to be a
wonderful place to work. And in a few days, it will be even better! Hooray
for Tiffany Anne.

Between commutes from Norman to Mustang, editing and nannying,
I have been onthe phone with my dad more frequently than usual. We
usually talk once a week, or so. However, today is a special day. Seven calls,
to be exact.

He'll excitedly tell me to look up a type of car. Ford Fusion. Nissan Sentra.
Matrix. PT Cruiser. They're all starting to blur together, really. Not that
I has any real working knowledge of cars to begin with.

Certain models have different gadgets, better gas mileage, a pretty
exterior (which, let's face it, is all I really care about).

All the cars are already "good" candidates, quality vehicles. They will
all get you from Point A to Point B, easily. However, the art in car purchasing
is finding the ones that truly shine, the cars that make you want to roll the
windows down and scream sing to "Party in the USA" while cruising
down the highway. :)

Who knows? With a little luck, you may see me down I-35 next week doing
just that.

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