Tuesday, January 19, 2010

School officially begins tomorrow. I'm more excited to start this round
of classes than I was the first day my turquoise moccasins hit the
Norman pavement back in 2007. The fact that I'm taking a whoppin'
TWO classes may have something to do with this unexpected enthusiasm.

it could also be attributed to the joy joy joy I got down in my heart :)
It's amazing how God can completely turn your perspective on its head.
This semester is just going to be so wonderful. It already is.
Great friends. Internship with the bff. 7 hours of pure writing. New
people. RUF. Phi Lamb. Nannying. Great roommates. Reading.
Dink (my new car).

Bliss. Bliss. Bliss.

I'm so thankful for new beginnings.


  1. first order of business: i am glad you named your car dink.
    second order of business: i don't know if i can handle the red of this page. why'd you change it??

  2. Ha ha. I changed it for youuuuu.