Friday, January 22, 2010


The sun is beaming. Its brilliant rays are soaking up all this
January gloom.
Spring sprung forward.

School interrupted my peaceful break of sleeping ridiculous amounts
and reading absurdly grand novels for no real reason. I just
wanted to. Isn't that such a great concept? Reading for pleasure?
I'm afraid the tediousness of copyediting may drain me of my intense
desire to read everything on the Barnes and Noble shelves.
Is it a curse to do what you love? Will we all be eventually broken of
our passions?

I'm currently conjuring a story in my head about a man who
undergoes just that. Chris Daton is his name, a man who got everything
he wanted, but in the end he is alone, bored, and miserable.
(Coming to stores near you in 2012).

Boredom. It's definitely one of my most prominent fears. I don't
want to simply "get through" my days, post-graduation. I want to LOVE
my job,fixing dishelved plots and twisted characters. I want to live
zealously, fully, and abundantly. Isn't that what Christ called us to, after
all? This desire, I hope, will not allow me to be satisfied with
mediocrity or passivity in any aspect of life.

I fear the same thing with the schlump I will one day marry. Poor guy.
Too often, couples get bored.
But, unlike your profession, you're simply stuck. Conversation drains.
Interests collide. You both are morphing into these old, saggy versions
of yourselves. The scary thing is, are you transforming together?
Or apart?
Who is to say in 5, 10, 50 years from now you will still be as madly in
love, if not more so? The thought is terrifying.

I just don't want to be bored.
I don't want to regret anything.
Life is but a moment.

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