Friday, February 5, 2010

Aspiring Zealot.

My boss has graciously let me try my hand at conceptual editing this week. Since this is exactly what I want to be doing post-graduation,
I couldn't be more thrilled. It's quite the challenge, I must say. A copy-editor's mind is completely different. Polar opposite, actually.
They look for simple flaws and tediously strain to fix the grammatical inconsistencies, misspellings, punctuation squanderings, and so forth.

A conceptual editor, however, looks at the whole work. Does it flow? Is it, well, readable? Does it make sense? Do your characters lack depth,
or a legit reason for appearing in your story? Is your plot plausible within
your story's realm? Is your dialogue draining? Etc Etc Etc.

My book is about leadership, a non-fiction work. I'm thankful my first
will not be a fictional world where people and places are created and
fashioned from theauthor's mind. I'm excited for that part of editing,
but I'm not quite ready yet.

This book isn't necessarily quality writing, but I love the message.
Leaders influence. They aspire to be great and help make others great!
It's been an eye-opener, for sure.

I don't want to be someone constantly sitting on my bunzippitydodas,
always waiting for "my big break." Those that succeed and inspire others
to thrive are consistently and passionately seeking knowledge, striving to
make themselves better within their specific field of interest.
They practice. They read. They talk to people. They listen.

That's how I want to be.

With a mission, with a purpose.
Zealously seeking to make myself better and acquire more
knowledge about books, writing, editing, and the wonderful
world of publishing.

I make a point to read outside of work, outside of school.
This book has encouraged me to take this even further, challenging my
mind and breaking through various genres.

Aren't we blessed to live in a place where this is possible?
We CAN be great. We CAN achieve success. We CAN motivate others
through our example and purpose-driven life.

... We just need to get off our buns and do it.

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