Thursday, January 20, 2011

Winter, the greatest season

No one actually likes winter. You may think you do, but really, you like wearing scarves, knit hats, and big, comfortable jackets. Not to mention all the different coffee flavors Starbucks comes out with around this time of year.
Think about it. During the spring, every one wants to be outside. Being cooped up inside your house is just strange. You can take a pleasant walk outside [emphasis on pleasant], go for a picnic, jog around the park.  Same with summer. We get tan, buy new sunglasses, go swimming, bike ride, etc. Even fall has its perks. I love taking walks with Grahm and crunching the colorful leaves underfoot.

But winter??
Who actually likes standing outside, going for a walk in this blustery weather? You don't.  While it may be fun to see your car iced over and cold, white slush on the ground, these pleasant thoughts almost immediately vanish from your mind because all you can focus on is HOW STINKIN' COLD it is.

No matter how many long-johns you bulk yourself up with... you're still going to be frigid. You're still going to shiver. The last place you want to be is outside, de-icing your car until you can't feel your fingers. But you are, because your "favorite" season left a little present for you while you were sleeping.

Right now, there is less than two inches of snow on the ground, and it's a snow day.  Welcome to Oklahoma. We close down schools at the mere mention of snow, even the smallest of possibilities. 

So as much as [really] we all loathe being cold, having numb fingers and toes, and shivering incessantly ... winter is by far the best season. Sure, no one likes it. Not really. But at the end of the day, it's the only time of year that provides unexpected days off, an excuse to be utterly and wonderfully lazy.

And any season that does that, well, I guess I can get on board with.


  1. i'd like to concur with most of this. i'd also like to say that here we're getting a flash 4-8 inches between the hours of 5AM this morning and 5AM tomorrow morning.
    school's in.
    work says," yes, you still have to drive 40 miles on back roads to be here for four hours."
    welcome to ohio. yaaay!

  2. When I found out about the 'no school' today at 7 am, I looked outside and burst out laughing. Our front yard isn't even dusted completely.

  3. It's sunny and I can see the sidewalk. Something isn't right about this "snow day."

  4. Kentucky is the same way. We close for the anticipation that we'll get snow. At least we recognize how ill-equipped we are!

  5. You are so right. However, I live in Houston and we have MAYBE two months total of cold weather. I don't know what I'd do if I lived in a snowy super cold place.

  6. I love how school gets closed, although this time was ridiculous. Pajama Parties are my favorite... so winter definitely has its perks. Although.... all summer long you typically dont have school! But again, that's why we can appreciate it more in the winter. :)

  7. New to your blog but I absolutely adore it..

    Glad I found it.