Friday, January 14, 2011

Simplicity at its finest.

Today after hitting the gym [Is anyone else's New Year's Resolutions kicking them in the buns?], I had some extra time on my hands. Grahm wasn't going to be home for a while, so I didn't need to be ready for date night just yet.

Free time is my favorite, mostly because there are so many options. Should I clean the bathroom for the second time this week? Work on diminishing my ever-growing laundry pile? Watch season 8 of Friends?

Instead, I decided to do some journaling. The old-fashion form of blogging, where I am the only "follower."

I used to be really diligent at putting pen to paper and recording my thoughts, however frivolous they may be. There is a dusty cardboard box in my old room at my parents' house that holds eight bound books brimming with my carefully written ideas, emotions, hopes, etc.

There's something about reading your words from so long ago. It's more than an old facebook status or an ancient blog post. It's more real, more personal. My first one was from age ten, when my only aim in life was to be a famous singer. And my last one is filled with prayers from a heartbroken girl who was angry at God.

Life happens. We change. Our URLs disappear. But our words will forever be written down. In an age where everything and anything is electronic and fast, I think there is something beautifully simple about journaling. Simplicity at its finest.

And I, for one, don't want to give it up.

How about you? Ever journal?


  1. That's actually one of my resolutions and it's actually kicking my butt because ohhhh lawd do I ever have some serious carpal tunnel happening... writing with a pen just kills me now!

  2. Love this. I love to journal. Mostly because it's my life story and I love looking back on it. I actually have used it as a reference before when I've forgotten certain dates. My mom made me go through boxes during break and I had fun looking at old journals.

  3. I used to journal a lot, but recently kinda stopped. I'm the kind of person who's REALLY great at it for a few months, then I start forgetting to write regularly and my entries go from once every couple of days, to once every couple of months. This makes me want to journal again though :)

  4. I'm trying to get back in the journaling habit. It's so much a part of who I was and now I feel like something is missing when I just type.

  5. I prefer writing most of my thoughts and ideas down in a journal, too. It is just so much more satisfying (and sometimes wonderfully embarrassing) to be able to open up an old book full of thoughts. I feel like keeping a journal is a more accurate way of really recording one's thoughts at a particular time in life, especially because no one else is expected to read it.

  6. I love to journal!! I read through all of my old journals the other day and was cracking up from posts I had written when I was 11. I wanted to be an actor/singer. haha. were a lot alike in some ways! I love journaling and think its so important, especially for your spiritual life.

  7. YES. I have 20 journals from 6th-12th grade. I have 9/11 documented via the thoughts of a 7th grader. I have my first kiss documented most awkwardly. Sometimes I said really smart things. Sometimes I talked about the mall way too much. I still have a journal I write in daily but it's not about my day-to-day anymore, it's just to write prayers because I get side tracked if I don't.

    And yes, my book was about $80 dollars. They always send great coupons through e-mail, that's how I got 20 bucks off plus shipping taken off. But if you consider how much you would pay for a double sided color copy, and find a template to put pictures with captions in, and have it bound in a book--you would see where Shutterfly is saving you money. I used to work at a copy and print center and they charged a lot more for a lot less quality.

  8. I love this! I have a few journals from way back then that I go through. I even have (embarrassed to admit this) some poetry/song lyrics journals (with original works, of course). It's a hoot to go through them!

  9. I stopped journaling for no reason. I actually cant even think of where it is! I am sure my parents must have thrown i away which is unfortunate. Perhaps I will start again though. Thanks for inspiring me!!