Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Will you be mine?

February 14 makes some people want to vomit. Or slit their wrists. Or stuff their head in a paper bag until they can no longer see the color red or think about the word "love."

Until yesterday, I could go either way. Honestly, I love a good excuse to have flowers in my house or to loosen my belt buckle from gorging myself with chocolates. And though I've never stuffed my head into a paper bag, Valentine's Day was just never a big deal.

Yesterday was our first Valentine's in the same city. Last year, Grahm was still in Tampa and I was here. Last night, he made me dinner. He walked into my house with all the necessary ingredients for caesar salad, garlic bread, asparagus [my favorite vegetable, even if it does make your pee smell] and fettucini alfredo. He even made the sauce himself!

As if that wasn't enough, he brought in these lovely flowers. Daisies are my favorite.

And some yummy dessert from Cheesecake factory!

After a wonderful meal, we exchanged gifts. I was super lame this year. I tried to make three different kinds of cookies [his favorite food group] and only one type [sorta] turned out. So, he got a plate of chocolate chip rocks and the audio book for Harry Potter V.

He, of course, was much more thoughtful.
His card said "I hope you enjoy wearing your gift as much as I will enjoy you wearing your gift."

...And then he hands me this bag.

My heart fell. He saw the disapproval written all over my face. Why in the world would he think this is okay? I started to protest even opening it, because I was so upset. Before I could say anything, he reached for the bag and told me to open it.

A few weeks ago, I made some off-hand comment about not being a real girl because I only had a bottle of $2 body spray from Walmart, which [to be honest] doesn't even smell that great and even if it did, it lasts about as long as it takes me walk to my car.

So he got me three new perfumes from B&BW and matching lotions and the Pink spray from Victoria Secret [hence the bag].

It was a mean trick, but funny in the end. :)

So sorry to be one of those annoying my-life-so-wonderful/Im-so-in-love kind of girls... but I can't help it. He's the best Valentine in the world, and I don't deserve him one little bit.


  1. That's awesome, and what a funny surprise! Looks like you two had a good day :)

  2. how sweet!!! impressive that he cooked for you!! I was one that could go either way on this holiday, but i certainly enjoyed my day yesterday as well :)

  3. thanks for the slit your wrists mention :) ha ha

  4. He is too sweet! And super creative, too. I love anything VS (worked there for four years) so I would have squealed at the bag, no matter what it was. My husband doesn't buy undergarments, however... he knows I like my stuff from VS. I love the abundance of yummy scents! You are gonna smell so freakin' good!

  5. That is so clever (and cruel) of him! I love it! It made me laugh. It's extra sweet that he remembered that little mentioning of not having nice perfume!

    I've been meaning to tell you, I found a site last week that makes photo books a lot cheaper than Shutterfly (I know, the timing right?). But bookmark it in case you decide to make another one someday! :)