Thursday, February 3, 2011

What happens when the UNartistic meet Shutterfly

Because I am nothing if not entirely UNoriginal, I thought I would share the PhotoBook I made for Grahm [Thanks for the idea Jamie] Though it took an ungodly amount of time to put together and [much to my chagrin] there are a couple typos, I am beyond thrilled with the way our book of memories came out.

As much as I would like to say it's handmade, there's no point even pretending I slapped some glue on the back of these photos and called it a scrapbook. [I don't think I would be sharing that version with you.] Shutterfly truly is the savior for people like me who don't have a crafty bone in their UNartistic body.

I'm giving it to him on Saturday, our "official" one year anniversary.
I think it's a crime to be this happy.


  1. That turned out great! I love the rainbow pictures, haha! No kidding on being time consuming, the first book I made Kent was on Word Document...Shutterfly's templates saved my life because I didn't have to think about where everything was going, lol, but even then it took me 3-4 hours!
    I live in Chapel Ridge Apartments; they're on "the other side" of highway 9. It goes: Slim Chikens, Highway 9, McDonalds, my apartment. Lol. Where do you live about in Norman? I'm surprised I haven't ran into you at Walmart already!

  2. Awesome!! That really is a good idea, I like it :)

  3. cute cute book. man, good work!
    if it's a crime to be happy, you're a freakin' felon. love ya, girl.

  4. maybe i'm just a retard, but i cant find your follow me button.