Sunday, September 5, 2010

I'm not a very good fan

I went to a football game this weekend, as I always do when Sooner football rolls around. It's one of my favorite parts of being at The University of Oklahoma, for sure. I mean, you can't exactly beat screaming with 85,000 other fans at the big boys in red pounding each other on the field [can you imagine trying to feed those guys?].

I realize, readers, not all of you may know what Boomer Sooner football is all about [which is kind of shocking and depressing and you should probably go do something about that], but all you really need to understand is that we're kind of a big deal.

Because we're such a big deal, football season in Norman is basically the highlight of everyone's weekends/years/lives. It's true. Streets are completely closed down for tailgaters. Crazed fans grab their beer and OU paraphernalia and stake our their spots. No matter where you are in relation to the stadium, you can always hear an obnoxiously loud person shouting "BOOMER" and faithful fans will respond "SOONER."

Essentially, Norman revolves around the Sooners. So, if you don't go the games on Saturday, you'd best just stay at home cause you're not going to be able to get anywhere. [Have I mentioned that we're kind of a big deal?]

Well, I was especially excited because G-money got to tag along! We snuck him in with a friend's student ID and he got to sit with us in the student section [when I say "sit," I really mean "stand" for like four hours]. I was eager to show him what OU football and most importantly, what WINNING was all about. After all, we were playing Utah State. Everyone knew we were going to destroy them.


We were scared for the entire second half. It seemed like our boys were never going to take the football out of their buns and actually play the way everyone wanted them to. I mean it was embarrassing how awful we played. I found myself starting to agree with all the mean Sooner-haters, who say we are the most overrated team in the country. I was grumpy and I wanted to leave.

See? I'm an awful fan.
A few things go wrong, and I'm out. I've already kicked them to the curb.
Even Grahm, who didn't even go to OU and doesn't even consider himself a fan was more interested in the game.

So this whole fiasco made me wonder if it's the Sooners I love, or the winning.

Aren't you glad your friends and family aren't like this?
The only time they'll root for you, or care about you is if you're winning and at the top of your game?

When you throw yet another interception, when you launch the ball over the receiver's head for the millionth time, when you miss the tackle... Aren't you glad they aren't standing like angry fans in the stands, screaming their frustrations in unison?

Boy, I sure am.

It's nice to know that no matter how poorly you "play," they still love you and are gonna be there again next week to watch and cheer.

I guess it's a good thing all fans [of football teams or people] are not like me.


  1. I just wanted to close my eyes the entire 4th quarter. I felt like a terrible fan, too, but it hurt so badly to watch those interceptions...and fumbles...

  2. YAY for football season!! So excited! : )

  3. I am well aware of the OU Boomer Sooner craze, seeing as how I live in TX and we're neighbors :). Glad you had a fun time at the game! I will admit to sometimes being like you -- just wanting to leave when it's not going so well. It was actually the opposite for us this weekend. The hubby and I went to the Baylor game and I wanted to leave at the beginning of the 4th quarter because we were so ahead. Haha. You're not a bad fan... it's okay to like winning! :) :)

  4. I don't know anything about football, but yay for cute red team shirts! :)

  5. You STOOD for those four hours?? Girl, that makes you a GREAT SPORTS FAN in my book! I need to be seated at all times if I'm going to any game of any kind. Haha.

    My family has seen me fail, epically, and they have never stopped cheering (ok maybe the did for a second) but the important thing is they didn't give up on me! And that is definitely something to be thankful for.

  6. Well, the point you brought up is one that non-Sooner fans bring up a lot - the whole idea of the bandwagon fan. Many people argue that it's not the Sooners that people care about, but it's the winning. A lot of people jump ship when they lose, and just cheer for them when they win. Very interesting.

    You looked super cute, btw. (-:


    PS GO POKES! (-: