Monday, September 6, 2010

Dear Novel Class,

You will not defeat me.
Prepare to be dominated.

The Optimistic One


  1. Good luck! I'm thinking of writing a novel, but I'm pensive about starting it. What are you holding against your head?

  2. Seriously..good luck! Pretty sure I already said that. But have some more.

  3. This post explains my life!!!! I love it.

    And great photo!!! I love the optimism!


    Best wishes from one blogger to another,


  4. oh i remember that class! it made me never want to write a novel again.

    i got over that a few years after. and now i am going through the novel i wrote for class and hoping i can get it shiny enough to send off to a publisher.

  5. sometimes the most simplest posts earn the most. i remember you said you i put a lot emotion into my stuff. lol that maybe how i feel about the day - but honestly its so much beyond what i can even express ...
    ppl seem 2 look 4 comments on their -ish but its more about those legit ones that make you go,
    "like no shit huh"
    really, like really, i wish i met more ppl like you in my life outside the blog world