Thursday, September 9, 2010

I thought I knew what homework was

...Until this semester.

I don't think I have ever been this overloaded. Sure, I've cried. I've panicked. I've invested in every color post-it note known to mankind in my not-so-distant college days. I thought I was busy; I wondered how in the world I was going to get everything done. But I didn't really know anything, I'm coming to find out. Cause busy has just reared it's ugly, hairy head at me.

I was like a kid in a pool freaking out over a soggy leaf floating next to me [thanks Doug Serven]. That was amateur stuff. And now, my friends, I'm hitting the big time. By "big" time, I mean "book" time, or "staring-at-my-computer-trying-to-write-an-amazing-novel" time. 
And it's just not all that fun.

My blogging life has suffered tremendously. Are you sad? Because I sure am. 

It's a real pain, this school thing. I love school, but I also kind of hate it.
I used to think that I would really enjoy college when I was doing what I wanted to do.

I'm doing nothing BUT reading and writing [lots and lots and lots and lots of writing] 
this semester and all instead of making my days that much more wonderful,
it kinda makes me want to curl up in a ball and die. 

My classes aren't necessarily hard [except the one major exception of novel class], 
they're just time consuming. And that's the worst.
It's my senior year, and there is just a whole lot I would rather be
doing than yet another reading assignment.

I guess, I shouldn't complain.
I could be picking the plaque off of someone's unbrushed teeth
like my roommate. Or I could be working on a dead body, fiddling with
the innards and memorizing all the little, gruesome details. 
Or I could be doing math, any and ALL kinds of math.

Still, I wish I had more time for things that are actually fun.


  1. The writing will be fun once you find your flow. You won't be able to keep the words from flooding your fingertips.

  2. Oh Jenabear...keep on truckin' lady :( You can do it!!!!

  3. Novel writing is hard. Don't second-guess yourself. Just do it. You can edit later.

  4. I loved your last's so true. I finished my Master's a year ago and I feel like I am still "healing" from that...haha...if that makes any sense at's hard. It's really, really HARD but you can do it! You wouldn't have gotten THIS far if you couldn't pull it off in the end. :)

  5. i feel your pain! at least you have the excuse of a class. I just do the writing thing for entertainment, which probably makes me clinically insane.
    When you publish your amazing novel, I get a signed first edition.

  6. I'm so sorry! I understand how something can completely take over your life like that! It seems to happen to me frequently. You'll be okay! You'll dominate that novel! And I'll be here to read your blog when you have more time!

  7. This post makes me not miss college too much. I loved college but when I look back at it I had an ass ton of homework. I wanted to go to grad school after college was done but then I thought about it and I do not know if I could possibly work full time and go to grad school. I would seriously be dead if I had to do that. There would be nothing left of me that’s for sure. I cant wait to hear about how this novel comes out though. I am a lil sad that your blogging is diminishing but I think everyones blogs are doing that too! I did without it for a week while on vacation. I did find myself saying for things .. ohhh that would make a nice blog post haha.