Monday, March 8, 2010

Worth Waiting For

I LOVE weddings.

The flowers, the pictures. The smiles, the tears.
Everything is so beautiful, powerful even. No matter the
location. No matter the duration of the ceremony. All weddings
have something special, something glorious about them.

This weekend, I got to watch someone I've known for my 21 years
of life make a promise to a woman he is head over heels in love with.
It was obvious to me and the other 700 people watching. He loves
her. He wants her today, tomorrow, forever. They just belong together.

Have you ever really thought about weddings? I mean, really
thought about them? You're watching people make THE most
monumental decision of their ENTIRE lives.
It's a big, big deal.
After that kiss, they're never going to be same person you knew
before that wonderful walk down the aisle.

From that point on, they're a package deal. Salt and Pepper.
Peanut butter and jelly. John Mayer and a microphone. You
can't have one without the other. They are together, forever.
Till death kisses them goodbye.

On the one hand, I think HOW crazy? People grow, evolve, and change
all the time. How can you possibly believe that in 50 years, 5 years,
or even 5 days from now you're going to be able to say "This is
still the person I want to spend my everyday with."

It seems crazy, borderline insane. How can you know? Why would
you risk it?

On the other hand, I believe in God's sovereignty. I believe He
brings people together in His goodness and He sustains them
to love and grow together. It's beautiful and it's something I can't
wait to experience, to have on a daily basis not just the day I
get to put on an elegant, white dress.

For this reason, I know it's something to truly work toward.
A wedding, I can't wait to have. But a marriage, I can hold off for.
It deserves effort and time, prayer and guidance. I don't want to
rush it. Rather, I want to be able to truly look in my husband's eyes
on our wedding day and say, with absolute certainty, "I take you to have
and to hold from this day forward..."
Whether that's a year from now, or 30 years from now. I want to be
absolutely certain because a good marriage is worth waiting for.

The flower toss doesn't lie though. So maybe it won't have to be 30 years! (Fingers


  1. Love this. :-) Marriage IS worth waiting for!

  2. This is really well said. Some of my friends with the best marriages never even had the big wedding (although I would recommend looking totally fab on your big day).