Monday, March 22, 2010

I copyedited a book a while back and the author asked this question:

What's your feelings got to do with it?

Passion overrides your feelings.
Or, well, it should.
We all have days when we simply don't feellike it.
We hit the snooze button, we skip over our class, we call in sick.
We coast through the day because, heck, we just don't feel like doing
anything.Maybe in the back of our heads we feel some twinge of guilt,
but in the moment we are completely content in being lazy.
Or at least, we try and convince ourselves we're satisfied with ourselves.

Now, I'm not condemning those of us who have "lazy days."
If that were the case, I'd be screwed.

I am, however, criticizing this lazy mentality.
How many things do we say we want to do in life? How many aspirations
do we have, only to cast them so easily aside cause it got a little
tough? Cause we just didn't feel like it?
We are lazy, lazy people.

When I say "We" I really mean "ME."
In December I was very excited about running this marathon in April.
Now, I just feel like being lazy. I don't want to take 2-3 hours of my day
to run around nasty, boring Norman. I don't want to NOT drink soda. I
don't want to watch what I eat. And most importantly, I don't want to do
anything that makes me get my lazy buns off the couch.

See what I mean?
I'm letting my FEELINGS override my PASSION for running.

So from now on, whenever I don't FEEL like doing something,
I'm simply going to ask myself this question:

"What's your feelings got to do with it?"

Goal: OKC Memorial Marathon
Date: April 25
Mission: 4 hours

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