Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Eclectic Living

I did an editorial internship with Tate Publishing in Mustang, OK with my good friend, Tiffany. Obviously, we are very good workers. :)
I turned 21 and had a great, but bizarre night with friends. Apparently, I really don't like the song "Sweet Home Alabama." Karaoke at O'Connells taught me that.

I started dating a "really really nice guy" from Florida that a good friend set me up with. Listening to her was the best thing I ever did :)
I flew to Tampa and spent my spring break with the new boyfriend. We vacationed in Pensacola with some of my friends for a few days.
I ran the OKC Memorial Marathon and beat my time by thirty-five minutes. I can't wait to do it again this year!

I flew to Tampa to see Grahm graduate from the University of South Florida with a mechanical engineering degree. Smarty pants.
I moved into a beautiful house with two wonderful roommates. Seriously, I love them. And I love living here.
I attended every Oklahoma football game that was played in Norman. It's going to be hard to get used to watching them on TV from now on.
I wrote a book. Lots of pages, lots of words. Not a whole lot of plot. [And no, it wasn't written with a pink marker.]

I hung out with my wonderful friends whenever I wasn't writing my brains out.

And I wrapped the year up by celebrating the holidays with my amazing boy and my sweet family in Tulsa.

Here's to making 2011 just as wonderful.


  1. that is a great year! I should do a post like this - however I don't think my year was that fabulous! I am ready to make 2011 an amazing year!!

  2. Aw... I love this post! Sounds like a wonderful year. You've inspired me to post something like this. :)

  3. This sounds like a great year! Hope 2011 is just as good!

  4. just reading this post makes me smile!

  5. Great year in review post! Crazy that my sister is on there! (-: Let's make her keep up with her new blog!


  6. So many wonderful accomplishments in one year! That's awesome! Now imagine what you can do without homework and finals! (I can only dream of the day...)

  7. That sounds like a great year! Glad you found my blog! Yours is great and I always love finding and following fellow Oklahomans. ;) Are you not going back to OU next year or just not going to games again? My brother is a Freshman at OU this year.