Thursday, November 18, 2010

Keep your coins, I want change

Change is in the air.
I'm not talking about the loose coins that may or may not be jingling around in your linty pockets. Nor am I referring to the kind of change Obama preached for his slew of naive followers. I'm talking about a transformation of sorts.

It's funny how often we can, of course, recognize the metamorphosis of
other people. At the end of a break up, how often do people toss up the
familiar excuse, "You're different. It's just... it's not the same as it used to be."

I've never been slapped with that terrible line (they knew better), but I
wonder if we, the "dumpers," can see how much we've changed too?

I've been thinking a lot about change, lately. In some ways, I can see the
difference in myself from my first day of college and now nearing the end.

Physically and emotionally. We're different than before. Heck, we are
different every single day. Every breath brings something new, something
with which we have to adapt our lives to.
The point is:
You change.
People change.
We're not the same as we were yesterday or ten minutes ago. Our circumstances, our lives are forever fluctuating.

But...there is One who does not change.
He is the same today, forever, and yesterday. And it is because of Him that I can embrace the change around me. In fact, I can long for it. I can long to be free from this world and the dissatisfaction my heart feels.

So when I get heartbroken, disappointed, dumped, trampled on...
When I have to change things that I would rather not (like leaving Norman and college foreeeevvver) I can rest in the steadfastness of the unchanging One.

It makes all this change just a little more bearable.


  1. Amen! :)

    I wish I had more thoughtful comment, but hopefully me complaining about not having one will suffice. I just simply and totally agree.

  2. We look extra freshman-y in that picture. But I love it, of course.