Friday, October 1, 2010

The World Spins Madly On

[Good song, by the way]

I'm a little peeved. I should be northbound on I-35 to Tulsa right now. It's my dad's birthday/
OU-TX weekend/fall break for students. A trip home, since it's been literally ages since I've returned to my parents house in Broken Arrow, sounded like a fun excursion to get away from the madness that this week has been.

Instead of letting the open road hit me like the cool breeze, I'm in my tiny room
eagerly tapping my foot to wait on boyfriend to finally get back from work.
[He's late, which I should have expected.]
I don't know why I always think that suddenly Grahm is going to morph
into this punctuality freak like me... but every time we need to be somewhere,
I am not so kindly reminded that this is NOT the case and probably won't
ever be [but hey, an anal girl can dream can't she?].

See we had planned to get to Tulsa around 7 or so. This would be ideal timing to take my
dad out for a nice dinner for his birthday.

Yet, I wait.
And dad is going to be waiting, which isn't fun to do on your birthday, the one day of the year where time is supposed to revolve around you.

Anyway, this whole scheduling fiasco has got me wondering why I'm so time conscious.
What makes me so anal about punctuality, and my boyfriend so lax?
Why do I show up ten minutes early, when he would prefer showing up half an hour late to everything?
Since the answer is [obviously] not because I'm uptight, let's ponder.

I like things a certain way. I like the expected. I like to be on time, because I care what others think about me. [Who wants to be rude girl that's always arriving late?] There's not a lot
of give with me and it doesn't take much [this post pretty much makes this point] to get my hairs in a frenzy over a plan.

Okay, this may be starting to sound like I'm uptight...
But don't let me fool you.
[I'm a swell time.]

It's funny that I'm this way, yet I'm dating someone on the other end of the spectrum.
It makes me love him more, and hate him a little more all at the same time.

Grahm is the king of flow [note: flow should not be misconstrued as "smooth"].
I'm pretty sure he coined the phrase "Take a chill pill."

...And maybe I should.
A big, ginormous, everythin-is-going-to-be-ok chill pill.

Cause really, what's going to happen if I'm five, ten, [Gasp] fifteen minutes late?
I'm pretty sure no one will notice, my hair won't have to stand on end, and maybe I can
learn to love people a tad more because I'm not so worried about the time.
Plus, I won't have to list "uptight" on my character qualities someone is
going to have to put up with some day.


  1. I hate when people are late. HATE. Drives me insane... plus my mom instilled in me that "Being late is a sign of arrogance because you don't care about the person waiting for you's time". So I try really hard to be on time myself. If the morning is involved and I'm late, it's because sleep always comes first...sorry!

    That being said, my boyfriends sister is ALWAYS late... drives me batty. We figured out though to tell her that stuff is half an hour earlier than it actually is that way we can go on time. Once we were going to see a big movie that was out, and she made us soooo late, there were no seats, and we had to wait around for FOUR hours until the next show. Humpf.

    When it comes to going home I'm anxious to get there as soon as possible. Like yesterday. My boyfriend, who lives with me, always delays this. He's never late, but he's amazing at "delaying". Somewhat worse, because he tries to convince me that my choice of leaving time is stupid. Last Christmas I left work 5 hours early to leave to go home, and he woke up 10 minutes before I got home and held me up extra 3 hours.

    So... I feel the exact same as you about these situations...except instead of being nice and saying "peeved" I would be angry, mad and livid.

    Hopefully you are on the road by now and not reading this!

  2. I'll be Tulsa this weekend too! We're seeing Kent's family and going to the fair. :) Hope you have a fun (and slightly more punctual weekend)!

  3. You and my husband are the same. I'm the fashionably late one. But I will say, I'm the rushed, only 2-3 minutes late one or right on time. I somehow like to live on the edge and play out my time until the absolute latest second I can get there. However, for important engagements, I respect other people's time. My hubby is training me to be better at this. Hey, at least it keeps life interesting! :) Hope you have a fun weekend!

  4. I hate when people are late! It drives me bonkers. I am always very punctual or early just like you and just like you I am dating someone who is very chill. Sometimes the chillness bothers me but other times like you said it makes me love him a little bit more. I guess that is something you have to come to embrace about a person, and it looks like you have come to terms with it. Well have a good time!!