Thursday, July 15, 2010

What Happens When You Clean Out Your Computer

Yesterday, I was cleaning out my computer [yes, you can do that] when I discovered several old documents. Ancient things I had written long ago. It's strange to read your own words and not even recognize yourself in them. It was another time, another place, another you.

You played me like a violin
So sweet, so gentle.
Your hands softly caressed my skin
As you saw into my very mind.
Beautiful melodies grew from our unexpected bond
Such exquisite harmony I had not heard, nor even known before.
Every minute spent with you only increased my fond affections
Each second seemed to bequeath me, enamored
Never wanting our symphony to end.
Silently, you picked up the bow,
Slowly beginning to play.
Stroking my strings with tender perfection,
Your confidence ringing true.
Within moments, our song had begun,
Stirring joy in the hearts of all who heard.
Simple, beams of sun gleamed upon our faces.
Yes, we were meant to craft such bliss.
Never once did I doubt your lovely intentions,
Always having faith in the music we shared.
Soon, however, your true colors called
for the abandonment of my fragile heart.
Lifeless, you left me on a small black stand,
No melodies left to play.
Cold, I miss the touch of your skillful hands
And the sweet music of that day.
Our union was harmonious, even from the start.
Yet, I shall never forget that mesmerizing night,
When you played me like a violin; your opus, my heart.

1 comment:

  1. That happens to me all the time. I run across something I wrote a long time ago and don't recognize myself. :)

    Cool poem.